Going up the thread of my life, I found the precise moment of my youth when the imperative necessity of writing naturally imposed itself on me. I have never held, strictly speaking, what is called a "diary". I wrote a lot, especially about friendship, love, death, relationships, etc ... At the height of my adolescent emotions. I actually questioned my pen itself, expecting strangely more answers from the "Big", at least not those around me. I discovered with her a journey, which sometimes escaped the filter of my mind, and thus revealed flashes fluid, limpid, revealing even sometimes things still unknown to me that then surprised me, scary me as much as they could rejoice me : Fascinated me anyway.


By the same impulse, I will interrogate Murano Glass, this hypnotic material when it begins to dance, to merge under the flame of a torch. Then finally came the photographic medium.


Finally, the latter will have me so discreetly accompanied throughout my life, he will come late certainly but naturally, to stand in front of the stage as The Master of ceremonies. The freedom of movement, of explorations that the very act of photographing offered me (While spinning the glass physically condemned me to "the table of the torch" - do not really see there any reproach-) resonated better perhaps with my new freedom to be : personal and growing. I explored my inner lands while being able to walk, with my stammering steps, this wonderful nature where I finally settled. My horse then, this great dream of a child finally realized, will not be totally foreign.


More recently, the need to retouch the material physically, to find the same intuitive path between the soul and the body, but also to achieve "only" the work, was felt. This impetus now leads me to play today with earth, wood or iron, by modeling and sculpture. As a balance with the images that necessarily need the talent of the shooters of my professional laboratory to fully exist.


By this questioning my way and the creative process itself, I finally come to consider that I am only a thread of something much bigger than myself.


My creations are all connected to a spiritual source that I more willingly call "Energy", which feels the need to become a body, to materialize in Matter, like the two faces of the same indivisible piece ...  Operating, in the same movement, a modification of my being which has never ceased to want to be reconquered and to do only ONE, Here and now, to fall back a little, then to return to it always better : Such as the natural movement of a clock that would look for its center.


And that, while highlighting, as in light, what I call the Miracle of Life as difference, the Unique in itself and in the Other. Emotion being the current indispensable to the perception of this link, this energy between the two faces of the same coin.

It seems to me then that everything is forever connected, that everything is linked, in a visible or invisible way, conscious or unconscious, one way or another. That everything makes sense. Between us. Between everything.


This process, more and more confident and joyful, finally becomes as important to me as the finished work, whatever it is! " The knowledge is only a rumor as long as it has not penetrated the body "(Author forgotten)


Hélène November 2017

Born September 03, 1966 in Cherbourg.

Life since October 2018 in Saint Gengoux Le National 71460 France - southern Burgundy.

Helen's photos tell a story: her life, her dreams, her fantasies, but without ever exposing herself. Because everything is suggestion, delicacy, poetry. The nuances, the light and the composition are the fruit of a precious work on the search for beauty. At the edge of the skin, these photos betray emotions and interiority. But it is above all a gift that she addresses to us to release our own emotions.

This is the power of his work.


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